Thursday, February 6, 2014

How to simply setup centralized logging with WSO2 Business Activity Monitor

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Today lets look at the following simple problem:-

We have two products of WSO2 running in an environment. When we have to check events loggs we have to separately log into those two products to check the relevant events. Say we have more products running and then we will have to log in to all the product management consoles to achieve the motive.

Simple Solution:-

We can setup WSO2 BAM for centralized logging therefore that when you log into the management console of WSO2 BAM, you can check for event logs of both / several WSO2 servers in your environment setup.

The following diagram will draw a clear picture of the solution

 Say in our sample scenario we have WSO2 IS and WSO2 ESB, we can save the event logs to BAM Cassandra database , therefore the logs are accessible from a central location.

Simple Steps to achieve above:-

1. Go to the [IS HOME] / repository / conf / file and add the following LOGEVENT to the log4j.rootLogger


2. Then go to [IS HOME] / repository / conf / etc / logging - config .xml and set the <archivedHost>hdfs://localhost:9000/</archivedHost>

3. Start the BAM server and then start the IS server. You can see the event logs for IS in BAM when you go to Home > Tools > Cassandra Explorer > Connect to Cluster > Explore Cluster

4 . You can follow the same steps for ESB as well to set up the above scenario

Note :-

Connect to Cassandra with following details

Connection Url* localhost:9160
User Name         admin
Password          admin

Please refer to the following detailed blog for in depth details for centralized logging with BAM 

How Distributed Logging Works in WSO2 Stratos.

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