Saturday, October 5, 2013

How to register a PIP in WSO2 IS

Okay, in the previous post I explained a sample PIP code
Now we need to register this PIP in WSO2 IS.
I am using the newly released WSO2 IS 4.5.0 for the scenario.
Following are the steps that you should follow to register the PIP point with IS.

1) First of all you have to build the code the create the .jar file for the PIP. e.g:-using maven

2) Then download the WSO2 IS 4.5.0 from here and go to <IS HOME>\wso2is-4.5.0\repository\components\lib and put that .jar file there. 

Important : - you should remember to include other dependency .jar files you have downloaded to build the PIP code in the above location.

3) Finally . go to <IS HOME>\wso2is-4.5.0\repository\conf\security and add the following line to the file.

UserPIPAttributeFinder is our sample PIP.

Now you have your PIP registered with IS.

In my next post , I will be focusing on how to write a simple XACML policy to access the PIP we registered for authorization.

Thank You!

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