Friday, November 13, 2015

WSO2 Identity Server - Quick tutorial on how to invoke Authentication admin Login via SOAPUI

1. Download WSO2 Identity Server latest version (in this blog I have used 5.0.0)
2. Extract the .zip file and go to  <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/conf/carbon.xml file.
3. Change <HideAdminServiceWSDLs> element to false 
4. Start the Identity Server by running the wso2server.bat (in windows environment .sh in linux) file in the bin folder
5.You can access the Authentication admin wsdl by typing the following into the browser url https://localhost:9443/services/AuthenticationAdmin?wsdl
6. Please refer this url for how to list all the admin services offered by WSO2 IS
7. Now copy the wsdl url and create a new project in SOAPUI

8. Then double click on the login request and fill in the parameters for the login request as below

9. Once you invoke it you can see the response as true of false in the SOAPUI and also on the console of Identity Server as 

[2015-11-13 16:53:21,451]  INFO {} -  'hasini@carbon.super [-1234]' logged in at [2015-11-13 16:53:21,451+


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