Friday, March 25, 2016

Replace your chat buddy with an AI bot ?

Hey Guys,

It has been quite a sometime since I last blogged. Today, I bumped on to this tweet by Dr Richard Wallace and it got me looking back at year 2010

year 2010 was the time for my final year thesis and I remember taking the challenge of developing an AI bot to answer the prospective student queries above APIIT (my undergraduate institute) courses. I named my AIBOT - Virtual Intelligent Student Counselor for APIIT - I was quite passionate about the whole AI world, and the research took me in to another dimension. 

It is simply amazing how Alan Turin's inception of the idea of a Chatterbot with a question of "Whether the computers have the ability to think" revolutionized the world of chatterbots with its first generation bots (ELIZA - used simple pattern matching techniques), then the second generation(learnign from the conversations with using AI techniques) and the third generation using AIML - complicated pattern matching techniques.

A chatterbot has its own brain, and using different techniques the brain of knowledge can be expanded. I feel and learnt through my research and implementation, its like a human brain that from a little age we learn word by word, the more the conversation you have with the bot, the more and more decent the conversation would be with the chatterbot with the expanding techniques of the knowledgebase.

If you have a conversation with ALICE,, you can experience the level of maturity it has gotten over the years where now it can keep a good smooth conversation going with a human being without going out of topic.

With the growth of the technology and with people are glued to computers and hand-phones, chatting has become an important part of daily life. There are different kinds of people chat with different kind of purposes. There are people who needs a companion to chat with. With a growth of the technology and looking at the evolution of AIBOTS, its is highly likely that an AI webbot might become your chatting pal sooner than later.

Is this a good change, or a bad change ???- is a topic to argue about , but honestly the technology should receive a standing ovation


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