Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Sign-In to WSO2 Identity Server using Google Plus OpenID

Hi all,

Today we will try to understand one of features of WSO2 Identity Server which is OpenID Sign-in.

If you are new, you can refer to the post How to start up WSO2 Identity Server to learn how to get started with WSO2 Identity Server.

Okay, I assume you all have WSO2 IS up and running in your machine and the IS management console opened in your browser.

When we use WSO2 IS OpenID Sign-in option, we are using IS as the identity relying party in this instance (according to the SSO concept )

Note: WSO2 IS provides two SSO mechanisms: SAML2 based SSO and OpenID based SSO. WSO2 IS offers features to act as an Identity Provider as well as an Identity Relying Party. This blog has been tested with WSO2 IS 4.1.0.

Back to the topic, go to your localhost IS management console url, and find the OpenID Sign-in option on the top left corner.

Select the option, and you will be directed to the following page.

Copy and paste your Google profile url into the input area and click Login.( Here I am using the Google + profile url).

Then you will be asked whether you already have a profile in WSO2 IS to associate your OpenID, to Sign In or Sign Up for a new account.

Okey, now you are successfully logged in to WSO2 IS. Lets talk about the other cool features of WSO2 IS next time we meet.


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Good article, can you also do a similar one for IS 5.0 as well

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