Sunday, July 14, 2013

How to start up the WSO2 Identity Server

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Today we will be looking at how to start up the WSO2 Identity Server.

First you have to download the WSO2 IS from the link here.

Once you have downloaded  it, extract the content into the folder you have created.

Remember you must have the jdk 1.6 or higher running on your machine.

After extracting, run the command prompt and point to the extracted folder path <productHome>/bin/wso2server.bat on windows and on linux.

Command prompt will run the commands and when the IS server is ready, command prompt will show 'WSO2 Carbon started in 'x' seconds.

Type the management console url on to your web browser to start using the IS management console.

To login to the management console as the admin , type admin, admin as username and password respectively.

Now you have the WSO2 Identity Server up and running in your machine and the IS management console opened in  your browser window.

In the next posts we will talk about how to use the WSO2 IS and its features.

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