Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Run Time Governance Use Case with WSO2 GREG and ESB - 1

Hi Ya''ll,

Long time ...How are you all doing? It is Christmas time again....Lets try to learn a run time governance scenario with WSO2 Governance Registry today.....:)

Lets start understanding the scenario with a diagram....

We can describe the above diagram as follows :-

1. Custom security policy is uploaded via GREG.
2. GREG is mounted with ESB.
3. Security proxy is created applying the custom policy in the registry (referring the policy in the GREG)
4. Proxy is created for the service hosted in the application server.

Once the service is invoked via SoapUI, since the security policy is applied at ESB , it will refer to the policy in the Governance Registry at the rum-time. Once the security policy is properly validated, the response will be passed back to the invoking party.

In the next post lets talk about how to simply build up the above scenario......

Bye bye for now...:)

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