Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Use Case scenarios with WSO2 Identity Server 5.0.0 - Part 2

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Today lets talk about database connectivity with WSO2 Identity Server.  As you know WSO2 Identity Server can be deployed over any LDAP, AD or JDBC user store. In fact, you can create write a custom user store manager , and connect to any legacy databases.

The WSO2 IS has the concept of primary database and secondary databases. If you are to change the primary database, you will have to change the configuration files and start-up the server. But , if you are going to add the secondary databases, you can do this through the IS management console. This is some background information on the product.

Now, lets talk about a common use case scenario.

Say, you have a need of connecting the IS server to many databases. Clearly you can do this by connecting all the databases as secondary databases. Therefore, if a use is trying to get authenticated, the user will be authenticated against checking all the databases connected.

Solution 1
If your user bases are located in different geographical locations, say for an example you have three offices located in three countries , and you need to connect Identity Server to the three user databases located in these countries, what  you can do is connecting these databases as secondary databases via VPN connections.

Solutions 2
Another solution would be to have 3 Identity Servers in each of these countries, and have one central Identity Server where you can provision users from other three servers to the central server where the user will be authenticated against.

Please check on following resource links for implementation of these scenarios :-


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