Thursday, December 18, 2014

Use cases with WSO2 IS 5.0.0 - Part 2 - User Provisioning - Part 1

Lets discuss about a user provisioning use case with regards to the provisioning framework of WSO2 Identity Server 5.0.0.

With the introduction of the the new Identity Server, There are lot of provisioning capabilities available. There are 3 major concepts as Inbound, outbound provisioning and Just-In-Time provisioning. Inbound provisioning means , provisioning users and groups from an external system to IS. Outbound provisioning means , provisioning users from IS to other external systems. JIT provisioning means , once a user tries to login from an external IDP, a user can be created on the fly in IS with JIT. Please read this awesome blog post about Provisioning framework of WSO2 Identity Server.

Now, lets take a sample scenario and talk about provisioning would work using provisioning capabilities of WSO2 IS.

The above diagram depicts a scenario where a user will be provisioned from and external system (Inbound provisioning), and in the same flow once the user is provisioned to the IS - A, this user will be provisioned to the other external systems like Google Apps, or another IS (Out bound provisioning).

From an external system you can provision users with SCIM or SPML connector, as well as you can use SOAP admin services to add a user. Or else another option would be, if none of the above mentioned can be used, you can always write a custom provisioning connector and plug in with WSO2 Identity Server.

For provisioning users to external systems, there are OOTB connectors shipped with WSO2 IS, or else you can always write a custom connector according to your requirement.

Lets talk about how to configure such a provisioning scenario in the next related post .....

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